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Release 2.6.2 is now available (RC1)

Michel Kohanim

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Hello All,


Release 2.6.2 is now available and may be downloaded immediately.


For fixes and enhancements, please peruse our beta forum at http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?t=930. You may also post your comments/questions and issues relating to 2.6.2 to the same forum.



1. For those upgrading from release 2.6, please note that releases 2.6.1 and above will use default HTTP/HTTPS ports of 80/443 respectively. As such, before upgrading Disable Internet Access

2. If you have used bookmarks, please update them accordingly. If you have problems finding ISY, try http://www.universal-devices.com/27

3. If you are upgrading from 2.6.1, please make sure you export all your programs and store them in a safe place

4. As always, please take a backup of your ISY



- Userid = isy

- Password = autoupdate

- For ISY-26, download the update from http://www.universal-devices.com/update ... nsteon.zip

- For ISY-99i Series, download the update from http://www.universal-devices.com/update ... nsteon.zip

- Login to Admin Console and choose Help->Manually Upgrade My Lighting and choose the file you downloaded in the previous step

- Important: After upgrading, please close Admin Console, close all web browser processes, clear your Java cache, and reopen Admin Console. If there are any web browser processes running, the Java cache will not be cleared.



- On MAC, the system may hang intermittently when clicking on Program Details/Summary tabs

- You can login to Devices/Scenes without entering any credentials



Beta versions 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 have a bug which prevents them from saving the programs during a backup. When using these versions, after doing a backup, please go to the Program Details tab, right-click on My Programs, and from the context-menu select Export in order to save your programs. Similarly, after doing a restore, select Import in the context-menu to restore your programs. This bug is corrected in beta version 2.6.3.


Thanks and with kind regards,


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I have changed my interface PHP script to accommodate this new version. All the changes seem to represent improvements, but there were too many for me to want to maintain two versions, so I simply updated the page for the conventions present in 2.6.2.


The description and PHP script are located here:


http://arachnoid.com/home_automation/we ... rface.html



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Thanks for the php script. It works great on my PDA with a host on Windows and wasn't hard to set up. Two questions, One, would it be hard to add a table for running programs in addition to devices and scenes? Two, could you show how to manually make a button activate a control? I'm thinking I could set up a page for each room and manually build the layout if I knew how to set up the buttons.



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lutusp, that is a seriously cool idea and implementation.


Now I'm wondering if this will translate easily into ASP or PERL (especially PERL). I don't have, and really want to load, PHP on all my PCs, but all the same, the idea is great!! Thanks!



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