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ISY99i/IR Pro vs. ISY994i


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Hi there, I'm about to take the plunge on an ISY and wanted to know what the real-world difference was between an ISY99i/IR Pro and an ISY994i? The reason I ask is that I have found an ISY99i/IR Pro for a significant discount, so was wondering if the differences between the two would be worthwhile.


I understand the ISY994i has the ability to be upgraded via an add-in hardware module. For now, the hardware upgradeability is not that important for me. However, are there any other differences between the two units that would impact day-to-day operation?


My install details are as follows:

-I would like to purchase the Elk and Weatherbug add-in modules

-The ISY would be interfacing with a combination of about 20 insteon single and dual-band devices as well as an Elk M1

-In the future, I am looking to add sprinkler irrigation


Thank you - appreciate the replies.

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Hello homejones,


Although there are not very many differences between 99i and 994i at the moment, but the additional memory in 994i provides for extended functionality and support. Whereas, with 99i, we will reach a time when we cannot add any more functionality (including INSTEON device support).


The modules you wish to add are supported in 99i.


So, if you are looking for a static installation whereby you are done after initial configuration, then 99i would be OK. If you have more grandeur plans, then may I humbly suggest 994?


With kind regards,


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