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Upgrade from 99i to 994i


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EDIT: Post below has been edited to reflect items that were found in my change logs and Michel's comments were not based on exactly what you see below. This is now intended as a simple set of steps that others may find useful.



  • Upgrade 99i to latest firmware once it become official
    Upgrade 994i to same offical release
    Set temp network ip address on 994i
    Install self signed certificate on 994i
    Perform final backup of 99i
    Request modules be moved to 994i
    Remove 99i
    Restore final 99i backup to 994i
    Confirm location and time settings
    Set final ip address on 994i
    Confirm Firewall rules reflect 994i mac address (in my case Norton Internet Security -- put ISY in fully trusted zone of home network. Was originally done to get maximum performance with DSCLink -- Thanks again IO_Guy)
    Research and install a CA Certificate

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