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Setting up 2411T IR transmitter Rev 1.05


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Hi guys, I have a 2411T insteon IR transmitter Rev 1.05 that I finally got around to playing around with.


I am a little confused how to set it up as sometimes it works but other times not with my Phillips TV on/off



1) Does this rev 1.05 work with ISY latest? as I read some old posts that there were incompatibility issues, is this solved and can it work with this rev?

2) when device is added to my ISY, it shows 16 devices or IDs. So when I program the ir codes and tap the set button to test the IR code, how do I know which one it is being called? So is there only 1 "code" or 16 of them that can be addressed and called, and how to I target an individual one?

3) on the ISY programs, the options for the 2411T are different duration beeps, what does this mean?


Any help would be appreciated, i feel like I am missing some info that I am not getting from the manuals



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