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Keypad & appliancelinc issues


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I'm trying to control an appliancelinc (2456S3) remotely turning on a water circ pump from my kitchen with a Keypadlinc(2468D-6 button -scene A), and also turn it on from my master bath with a Switchlinc Dimmer (2477D). I can get the appliancelinc to turn on the appliancelinc (and thereby the pump) from both switches. I can't get it to turn off, either from the switches or from asking it to wait 15 min and then turn off. My preference is to have the pump turn on with a switch and then turn off after 15 min from either location. I've read everything I could find in the forums that looks to be relevant, but nothing that has helped. My head is about to explode! any help would be appreciated.



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Use a different load on the ApplianceLinc such as an incandescent lamp. When a device will turn On remotely but not turn Off remotely it is often the load the device is controlling is generating enough interference that it does not see the Off commands. If the ApplianceLinc works with a simple lamp the motor needs to be filtered.

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