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Light up the bottom botton on a 6 button KPL?


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When I turn on the KPL, the top button lights up and when I press the bottom button, it turns off. How do I get the bottom button to light up? using a scene? how?

Are you asking if you can independently control the light in the bottom button of a 6-button KPL? If so, the answer is "no."


The following info is the result of testing I've done on my KPLs to see exactly how they respond. The top/bottom buttons on a 6-button KPL are somewhat different than the others in that they, together, represent the local load (device 0) and cannot be controlled separately by the ISY. Note there is only one ISY device for both buttons; they are not independent. How the lights work in those buttons depends on the toggle mode set in the firmware. Luckily, the ISY makes it easy to see and set that option.


I don't know if the following is true for older 6-button KPLs, but it is for newer ones: As shipped, the KPLs are in toggle mode. For 6 button KPLs, this means that the top ON button illuminates when the local load is on, and the bottom OFF button illuminates when the local load is off. This is true whether the load is controlled locally by the top/bottom buttons, or remotely via ISY or other switches. You can see this option in the ISY by selecting one of the KPL's devices and then click "Buttons Toggle Mode." For device 0 (the local load) the option will be shown as "Toggle" mode.


It's easy to modify the behavior so that the top ON button comes on when the local load is on (and goes off when the load is off), AND keep the bottom OFF button off at all times: Simply change the toggle mode of the 0 device to "Non-Toggle (On)." "Non-Toggle (Off)" seems to do the same thing for this device.


So you can control whether the bottom button is illuminated or not when the load is off, but that's about it.


If anyone has different info, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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Factory Reset the 6 button KPL and Restore Device. There is a method to set the OFF button LEDs to be Off when pressed. If that was not the objective the Factory Reset will resolve.


The description by markens is correct in that the OFF button LEDs can be configured to be Off when the local load is Off. I have seen the process of setting up the OFF button described as being done with the Set button. Have not tried changing the Toggle mode of the ON/OFF load control buttons but it sounds like what the Set button sequence would accomplish.


Some folks find it useful to have the OFF button LEDs Off when the load is Off because an illuminated OFF button provides too much light in a bedroom.

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No, not independent of the ON button, not independent of the physical load being controlled.


EDIT: actually YES but not in 6 button mode. Change the KPL to 8 button mode. Keep the 6 button frame installed. Cross-link the A&B buttons with a Scene so they operate together as the ON button does except A&B now operate in Toggle Mode. Buttons G&H can be cross-linked with another Scene so those LEDs operate together. Now the top ON button controls the load in Toggle mode. The bottom OFF button can control another Insteon device or simply indicate the Status of something since the bottom buttons are still buttons G&H in 8 button mode.

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Happy to. The Smarthome forum has a number of posts which describe using a KeypadLinc in 8 button mode with the large ON/OFF buttons. Some users have installed the large custom buttons in all four horizontal rows, effectively making a four button KPL. There are some pictures posted of this configuration.

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