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Motion Sensor Darkness Sensitivity Setting


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The "Darkness Sensitivity" of an Insteon Motion Sensor (2842-222) can be set via that device's "Set Options" dialog of the ISY's Admin Console (when the sensor is in linking mode, of course). The range of settings is from 0 to 255.


I understand that the Darkness Sensitivity setting determines just how dark it must be in order for the sensor to be in "night" mode -- the lower the setting, the darker it must be. At a setting of "0" the sensor will always be in "day" mode ("OFF"), while a setting of "255" will cause the sensor to always be in "night" mode ("ON").


Question: Does anyone know if the Darkness Sensitivity range is linear? In other words, does "64" represent approx. 25% actual light level, does "128" represent approx. 50% light level, does "192" represent approx. 75% actual light level?



Lee Fleishman

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I've got this little cardboard box - I cover the sensor....check out reaction....

uncover the sensor....see the reaction. It's been awhile so I can't remember

exactly how linear it was. At my lat/longitude the daylight is extremely

not linear to begin with. I think experimentation is the best way due to

all the variables involved.

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