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All Off Scene Question by Noobie


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I have a 6 switch controller in the garage and a program activated when the Off button is pressed. The program sets the scene 'interior' off, the interior scene contains all the outlets and switches in the house. Question is the controller that is in the office controls lights in the office and does not update the status correctly on the scene b button. Eg when i press the off button on the controller in the garage, all the lights turn off but the controller in the office still is lit indicating that the light is on when in fact it is actually off.


How does one correct this such that the controller is showing the correct status? Add the controller to the interior scene?

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Insteon does not cascade/propagate Scenes. If a device should respond to the All Interior Off Scene it must be a Responder in that Scene. The ISY assumes a Controller is also a Responder so if the All Interior Scene has multiple Controllers assigned those devices do not have to be assigned as Responders.

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