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  1. just wondering if you had set up another user with a different userid and password and local access only?
  2. I didn't enable multi factor authorization but I understand that it will default to sending a code to my registered email. I'm not sure if that would have any effect on my Unifi presence as I have set up a user id specifically for the eisy. My config only has local information. Does multi factor authorization pertain to local login to the controller or just their web access?
  3. Are there any other wifi routers or access points nearby?. Have you tried setting you router to a specific wifi channel?
  4. UPDATE! Good news. I powered down the eisy and plugged the dongle into a different usb port and now Zigbee is working. I had done a power reset before but didn't change the dongle usb port. Strangely Z-wave was always working while plugged into the original usb port. Can't explain why it worked initially but didn't work after a Zigbee factory reset in that usb port.
  5. I just got my first Hue bulb and it paired to the eisy Zigbee right away. But after doing a Factory Reset Zigbee Dongle I am no longer able to pair the bulb. Tried rebooting the eisy sever times and did a factory reset on the bulb but still can't get it to pair. I have no other Zigbee devices to try. Any thoughts would be apricated. Seems to be associated with doing the factory reset on the dongle. Thanks Gary eisy IoX v.5.8.3 I got these errors from the IoX error log at the time I put Zigbee into pairing mode. ISY Error Log.v5.8.3__Tue 2024.06.11 09.30.08 PM.txt
  6. What does this mean? Can't delete the window.
  7. @kzboray Thanks. Just doing the Dev Package did the trick. Rediscovered the bulb and all should be working now. I don't know what Dev packages are but it worked.
  8. After the latest package update and reboot LiFX no longer works again. Apparently LiFX is no longer supported. Is there another Node Server that supports IP bulbs that is supported? Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. @koln1011 At the moment I am using the audio player as the paging source in my whole house russound audio system. However if I move later this year I will no longer have that option. As an alternative I have been experimenting with using wifi streaming to various wifi audio receivers. I could be wrong but I have not found anyway to use Alexa speakers for this purpose. You could use bluetooth to pair with one Alexa speaker but that my be the limit. What I am experimenting with is the wiim pro that will accept either audio input jacks or bluetooth pairing from the audio player. Also there is a wiim clock that receives the stream and also acts as an Alexa device. I am hoping that they will have more products available soon. The best thing in my opinion about using wifi streaming is that there would be no Alex cloud to deal with.
  10. @bmercier I upgraded to version 5.8.3 and now my routines are working. Thanks so much.
  11. I just noticed the routines that controls my vertical blinds has stopped working today. The trigger device, created in the portal from a variable functions properly by closing and opening in the Alexa app. It does not however trigger the routine to run. The routine functions properly when played from the Alexa app. Another call to Amazon. This keeps repeating about every 8 months. Maybe it's the Amazon servers that serve my area. Fortunately I'm using the audio player that replaced all the voice routines.
  12. I have had the Alexa routines fail 3 time over the last two years. It always required a call to Alexa Amazon to fix the problem. If you can see the trigger to the routine change states in the Alexa app and the routine doesn't run then it is most likely an Alexa problem. Also there is a 30 second wait time when triggers change states to prevent flip flopping. Thankfully with the addition of the Audio player plugin I have been able to drop all the Alexa routines that provide a speech response to an event. Much better solution.
  13. garybixler


    I guess I will be the first to ask. Any chance that there will be a spotify plugin? Thanks
  14. @wrj0 I am experiencing the same issue with mp3 files playing on BT.
  15. Just reloaded the deleted _t file and now both can play it. So I guess i just need to delete and reload the files. Finding that if I play a file on the AP that will play it now allows the other to also play the file.
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