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isy-26 upgrade to 2.6.3 problem?


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I am new to this but I am enjoying it. So I had 2.6 and I read that I should upgrade to 2.6.3 because I was having trouble seeing my newly added keypadlinc.


So I though I followed the details but I do not get "my lighting" although I can see it connected to my router . If I enter my router mgt software. I think the problem is it comes up as remote access enabled" I though I disabled this, obviously not, now what?


thanks for your help



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Hi Ron,


After upgrading the first step, before trying to open My Lighting, should be to clear the Java cache.


After upgrading from 2.6 or lower to 2.6.1 or higher, update any bookmarks/favorites to remove the port number and the portion of the address which follows it. If your previous address was:'> local LAN access, or

http://external.IP.address:12345/0/x external (Internet) access, then change your address to: local LAN access (uses default http port 80)

https://external.IP.address (note https) external access (uses default https port 443).


If you are using external access, you will want to update your router to stop forwarding your previous port, and start forwarding port 443 only--do not forward port 80.


Please let me know if this helps.

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I just upgraded my 26 to 2.6.3. My PC is hardwired to the router and is running XP Pro. Problem: Several hours after the upgrade I started getting Null Pointer Exception errors. I rebooted, cleaned the temp files in the Java console again and was presented with a new error on about 4 out of 5 command attempts. The error was "No Such Session, Login again" and continued logins produced the same result.

SOLUTION: I closed the browser and used Telenet to change from Port 80 to another port (2340). Now the problem appears to be gone. I have a number of other devices, namely 7 ReplayTV units that all use port 80 so I think, and this is just a guess since I'm no network genius, that there may just be too much traffic on port 80.

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