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Controlling a Venstar thermostat with ISY


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I can’t tell if my thermostat is communicating properly with my ISY. I’m hoping someone can tell me whether this is normal or not. I have a Venstar T1900 thermostat with a 2441V (Rev 2.5) connected to an ISY 994i (version 3.3.10).


When I installed the thermostat in the ISY, it created four nodes as expected, but it did not differentiate them. All four nodes have the same name, which is the name I entered in the “New INSTEON Device†with an added hyphen, but there is no suffix. I cannot add a suffix (“Main node, Cool Control, etc.) using the “Rename†command.


The ISY accurately indicates the current temperature, setpoint, humidity, mode, and heat/cool state. I can change the mode and fan state from the ISY, and I can change the setpoint by one degree in heat, cool, and auto mode, but not in program mode (program cool, program heat, or program auto). When I try to change the setpoint in program mode, the setpoint changes in the ISY, but not on the thermostat.


Is this normal behavior? I was hoping I could change the setpoint in program mode so the thermostat would revert to my normal settings at the next programmed time period.


For what it’s worth, I've attached an event log for changing the setpoint temperature in Program Auto mode, then changing to Auto mode, the changing the setpoint in Auto mode. Does this tell me anything of significance?

ISY-Events-Log.v3.3.10__Tue 2013.05.14 10.48.17 PM.txt

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Hello Spike56,


The fact that you cannot rename thermostat nodes is very troubling. For this alone, may I humbly suggest submitting a ticket (links below)? We can then log in to your computer and see what's going on.


As far as program mode, you cannot change set point while in program mode.


With kind regards,


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