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Can't control 2441V thermostat


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Howdy All,


I have a 99i and a 2441V thermostat. They played nicely together in the past, but stopped working at some unknown point in the last few months. I finally tracked down that the 99i wasn't controlling the thermostat while investigating unusually high electric bills... found the culprit!


In trying to solve the problem, I've upgraded the 99i to 3.3.10. After that, I removed the thermostat from the 99i, then set the thermostat to "off" per the instructions, then added it back to the 99i. I can query the thermostat and it correctly shows the current settings, but if I try to change any settings or temperatures, the 99i shows that the change has been made, but the thermostat does not. If I query the thermostat, the 99i shows the actual settings again.


For what it's worth, the 2441V is version 2.5. I know that Smarthome sent me this new device to replace an old one they had recalled, but I can't say for sure that that is when the problem started.


Thanks for any tips!

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