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Setting cool setpoint of Insteon 2441 thermostat in HomeSeer


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Hi sorka,


From the main HS web interface you can set the current setpoint by finding the device and scrolling to the right. There's up and down buttons that will bump the current set point up or down.


Near the top of the main web interface, there's a button labeled "ISY Insteon Thermostats" If you click on that, it will bring up a screen that has information for each thermostat including the heat and cool setpoints. Each of those setpoints is a drop down box that you can use to set the corresponding set point.


The plugin also supports the HomeSeer thermostat API so you can use scripts to set the heat or cool setpoint via that API.


There are also ISY Insteon Thermostat specific actions that can be used in events to set the heat or cool setpoint.

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