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Adjust ToggleLinc dimmer ramp rate (in the switch)


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I've searched around and the solution posted for me doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong so here is a summary. I'm trying to make it so my bedroom lights change their ramp rate and default on level, at the switch, with a schedule. Per things i've read:


I created a Scene called "Bedroom". I added my single ToggleLinc that controls the overhead lights and set it as the controller.


I created this program:


from 10:30:00 PM

TO Sunrise + 1 hour (next day)



In Scene 'Bedroom' Set 'Bedroom Overheads' 40% On Level

In Scene 'Bedroom' Set 'Bedroom Overheads' 19.0 Sec (ramp rate)



In Scene 'Bedroom' Set 'Bedroom Overheads' 70% On Level

In Scene 'Bedroom' Set 'Bedroom Overheads' 2.0 Sec (ramp rate)



I can see the scene get updated when the program runs, but if i toggle the switch to the on state it doesn't go to 40% but instead whatever previously was in there. Am i missing something here? Thanks.

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The Program is changing the Scene Responder On Level and Responder Ramp Rate.


To change the Local On Level and Local Ramp Rate the Adjust Scene statements must specify the node name of the ToggleLinc in both the 'In Scene' and 'Set' parameters. When both parameters have the node name the ISY knows to adjust the 'Local' values rather than 'Responder' values.

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Another thing to be aware of is that some older Insteon devices require a power cycle (airgap) before such changes take effect and as a result, are not friendly to scheduled changes.



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