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ISY-994i Error => Program Access OR Save


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When I do first boot up the ISY a get an message stating: "Your system is in Safe Mode"... But I can access the configuration page, etc. => Then when I go to the Program page I get the Error message:

"Could not open File" [/CONF/INSTENG.OPT]. It looks like I may be missing a configuration file? Where would I find it?


Also if I try to save a program (such as Query All) to my new ISY-994i I get this Error message:


Invalid/incorrect program Key




I seem to be able to connect to the ISY-994i fine and adjust the Configuration, but when I try to save the Query All program I get the error message... I have not been able to figure out what is wrong / missing?


Please help... Thanks!

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Where was the ISY and PLM obtained?


Try another cable between the PLM and the ISY. The ISY will have to be rebooted after the installing the new PLM cable.


The RX LED On steady indicates the ISY cannot communicate with the PLM. The ISY enters Safe Mode when this occurs. The various symptoms noted before are the result of not being able to communicate with the PLM. Once PLM communication is established those symptoms should no longer exist.

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