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dimmer for 120VAC 10A inductive


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I have the need for the control of 2 fan motors. 5A is enough, but 10 would be better.


The problem is getting a "dimmer" that will handle that kind of inductive load. The power control module needs to be controlled remotely. Insteon would be very nice. But even using a remote potentiometer would be fine for this one. All of the 120VAC speed controls I have found are either a very expensive variable frequency drive (which may not be compatible with the motor) or a simple TRIAC with a built-in pot. All the TRIACs I have seen use essentially the same simple cheap circuit. It results in the wire to the pot carrying line voltage which is not compatible with my low voltage wiring. I would really appreciate being pointed to such a device.


The second fan is worse. I need to control the speed with a PID function (short description - keeps it from oscillating around the correct speed in real time). That is a PLC (industrial Programmable Logic Controller) sort of function. And it all needs to be driven from a 20MA or 0-10V input signal.


I could build some of this stuff, but I want to use commercial as much as I can for things like insurance.


I figure there are enough people out there that there may be someone that can help. Hey, posts are free.

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You might be able to adapt something like this.



For this kind of control, and with any type of user PID settings required, you are going to need a real PLC and frequency controller. You can get stuff cheap on ebay. I sold a number of old allen bradley PLCs for ~$30. Frequency controllers are more expensive, but you should be able to get one for about $100. The software is more difficult to get, but there are some more DIY friendly PLCs. I was going to use a PLC for HVAC and fan control based on temps, but I have it almost working with the ISY and it's way way easier!

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