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Trouble programming a Temperature Sensor for a pool pump.


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Hi there!


As the weather gets colder, my family has been trying to set up a temperature sensor to activate the pool pump to keep the water flowing through all the pipes whenever it gets too cold. Full disclosure: my father's the one who set up this system, and I've just been left to update this portion while he's away. I'm far from computer illiterate, but have zero experience with with ISY or the UD administrative console.


As far as I can tell the temperature sensor has two states: "on" and "off", with the sensor switching "on" above about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. My goal is to have the sensor take control from 7:10 pm to 10:50 am, turning on the pump if it gets cold enough to change state to "off".


I attempted to program this into the console, but it's giving me a little "no go" symbol next to the program name. Could someone please let me know where I've gone wrong? I'll paste the program below as I have it written.



From 7:10 PM

To 10:50 AM (next day)

And Status 'Temperature Sensor' is Off



Set '5.0 Pool Zone / Pool Pump' 100%

Set Scene 'Scenes / DLA. Pump' On

Set '9.0 4 Button Switch / 4KPA. Pool Pump' On 15 / Off 7 (Backlight Level)



Set '5.0 Pool Zone / Pool Pump' 0%

Set Scene 'Scenes / DLA. Pump' Off

Set '9.0 4 Button Switch / 4KPA. Pool Pump' On 0 / Off 0 (Backlight Level)



As I say, I'm not familiar with this system so I can't be sure, but I think the third line in the Then and Else statements refers to the switch that we have set up next to the door and shows the light which indicates whether the pump is on?


This program seems logical to me, but the Console doesn't like it. Is there something wrong? Will this program (or a working version of it) check the Sensor's status at intervals to make sure that it hasn't changed from "on" to "off", or vice versa? If not, is there a way to force a status check?

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I suppose I did explain that poorly. When I've altered the program and hit "Save Changes" in the bottom left "Manage Programs" box, the icon to the left of the program name changes from a page with a green arrow (which I presume means that the program has been updated since the last save) to a page with a small red circle with a line through it. Thanks also for posting the wiki. I'll be sure to take a look.



The sensor is a Smarthome I/O Linc #2450. In my program menu, though, all I see is a generic "temperature sensor" with a yellow arrow next to it. There's also a "temperature relay", with the same arrow pointing left instead of right.

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The 'no go' symbol means that the program is disabled (when you edit the program there is a checkbox that says enabled, or you can right click on it to enable it) If your father had this disabled before it may have been intentional, but you'd have to ask him why. The programs sounds fine, the symbol does not mean there is an error just that is was manually (or automatically from another program) disabled from running.




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