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MorningLinc Update


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In hopes this will help someone else:


I had an old MorningLinc which I had to replace. Instead of replacing it in ISY I deleted the old one and tried to link the new one(v .42) with no success. I tried dozen of times following the wiki in great detail (using the manual linking directions). I used the New Insteon Device drop down and added the insteon address manually. It never worked. In a last ditch effort I tried it automatically using Link Management>Start Linking. I then went to the MorningLinc and put it in Link mode and it worked the first time.


I think the wiki entry was written prior to the current version of ISY. If appropriate, will someone update the wiki instructions to reflect this new information? It might save someone a lot of time.




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One thing to be sure you have done before linking is to delete the module from the administrative console.  Other modules will allow you to write updates to them when the system thinks it has a communication problem with the module.  This does not seem to work with the Morninglinc module.  Once the module has been deleted, just follow the instructions of the post by Noel.  I had tried every instruction that I could find to relink my module but only by deleting the module and then relinking it did I have any success.



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