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Remote access and IIS?


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Did a search but didn't find anything on this.

I have a static IP for my gateway and use IIS (Internet Information Services) for several applications such as ACT! web. Upgraded my main server and router and tried to duplicate my access settings. Use to work for several controllers that I could remote access using IP and port info and port forwarding, now I can't get any of them to work including ISY 994i.

Anyone have to configure IIS to get their ISY to work for remote access?

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This is done without IIS. It's possible with IIS to have it act as a reverse proxy using URL Rewrite and ARR, but it's way more complicated than necessary and problematic to use with applets vs actual websites.


If you're working with one IP, you just need to setup a port forwarding rule on your router so that connections to PublicIP:Port connects to PrivateIP:Port.


You probably need to pick another port besides 80/443 since your router and/or IIS are already listening on it. Assuming you're using the default port 80/443 on ISY, just pick another higher port and create forwarding rule like this.


PublicIP (router IP) :

PrivateIP (ISY): -> ->


Just put or in your browser when outside your home network.

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