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How do you know when you have a bad PLM?


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I am pretty sure that I have a bad PLM but I need more verification before I buy a new one. It's a 2412S and it was working perfectly before this weekend.


To start, I had some big problems with the ZWave, it wouldn't find the lock on Saturday night. By Sunday evening around 5-8pm it lost all status reporting.


I reset the PLM with the set button, I factory reset the PLM and since then, it's hasn't been able to relink all my devices.


Linking up the Zwave lock just won't happen, it always gives me an error 1.


The PLM does blink when motion sensors are tripped or switches are turned on/off..


The links table gives different results, the PLM restore gives failures of all types.


Very frustrated :(

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Was the 2412S supplying power to the ISY controller.

I don't know if the production ZWave unit can be used with a 2412S.

The original ZWave dongles where being damaged by the 2412S power supplies voltages.



Is your ISY controller getting any power at all. Like the Power LED On?

The 2412S is not Dual Band so it will not receive any Insteon RF signals.

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It was getting power until I noticed that the PLM just dies out after a little while. Smarthome wouldn't take it back so I pulled Pin2 off it and powered it with the adapter. The 2412S is just blinking now not allowing me to get to the ISY admin page. It's done, I've given up and ordered a 2413S.


Not all too happy about this whole thing...

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