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My new 994i


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A long time 26 user here, I had to upgrade to the 994 because of the change to Insteon protocol I can no longer replace failing devices. I thought I'd share my thoughts and questions on it here:

Form Factor: That's something I complained about with the original 26- it was oddly shaped and all the ports were on top. The 994 keeps the lights on the front, but moves the ports to the back where they belong. I did like that on the 26 they used a DB-9 connector instead of an Ethernet jack so at least you couldn't mess up the wiring on that side (using an Ethernet port for RS-232 is, I feel, a mistake), but it was changed to a jack on the 994. Also, the plastic case feels light and cheap and doesn't stay put if you so much as breathe on it. My Trendnet TEG-550G switch is a good example of how something can be small, yet solid. It also looks odd to have a hole where the IR would go. I'd prefer another LED on the front for link/activity rather than having a big red light flashing an error if it's not hooked up to a network.


The interface was something they got right with the 26, and I'm glad it hasn't "improved". My only quibble is it's not clear what effect the various ramp rate and on level sliders do with respect to the scenes, but this seems to be more a theoretical problem with Insteon. I can't see why one would want a scene to behave differently depending on where it's triggered, but I guess some people do.


One of my Switchlinc dimmers apparently bricked itself while being programmed. It'll still work locally, but not receive or send commands.


I decided to start with a fresh setup, but I'm leaving the 26 active, and gradually removing devices from it and adding them to the 994 to ease the transition. So I have two working ISY/PLMs now, but there's no overlap, so it seems to be working.


If the new Switchlincs can flash the LED with Insteon traffic, that's one feature I would like. I really miss my old PCS Smartswitches, which would not only blink for traffic, but blink a different color if the traffic was meant for it.


My "dead" ControLincs are working fine now with the new system, so it was apparently and issue with ISY or the PLM, not the devices. I suspected as much when I tried tap linking one of them and it worked.


The checkout here did not work for some reason, it just hanged when I got to PayPal. I waited until the last minute, so I decided to use my 15% off coupon from Smarhome since that was expiring that night.


Overall I'd rate it a 9.5/10.




Question: I'm sitting at a Starbucks with my laptop. How do I access ISY? I do plan to get a iPhone this winter, so how does that work?

Question: Is the best way to control things from my car to get a Insteon remote and clip it to my visor now that I have an RF device, rather than try to get an EZX10RF to work with my integrated Homelink transmitter?

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There is a sticky post somewhere about configuring ISY for internet access. I understand it is best to change the ports in the ISY settings, then configure port forwarding rules in the router. I inderstand that some antivirus can make things troublesome as well. Check out the long sticky post ...I suspect it will answer the detailed questions you have.


As far as remote control in the car, I have chosen the phone route, but the insteon remote seems viable. I suspect it will boil down to what you want to control and the user interface you are looking for. IOS devices will compel you to open an app to control you system, so it will usually entail multiple steps to turn on a light or open a garage door. In my mind, android has the advantage here for those who want a button on the home screen that will perform a function with one press.

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Now I had one of the newer lamplincs brick itself too. ISY doesn't see it when I try to linc it, and the PLM sounds unhappy- it emits a constant beep for 5 seconds. Or else ISY sees it and gives the message "Already Added" while highlighting a random device in the tree. And a switchlinc relay has bricked itself while being programmed. Anyone else had these kinds of problems?

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As far as the Insteon remote from the car: Insteon RF is very range limited. I have a Remotelinc2 in my car and an access point in my garage and find that it won't communicate once I get about 10' outside of my garage. The phone with Mobilinc is a much better solution.



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