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How can I test motion det and smoke alarm?


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I just installed an insteon motion detector and first alert smoke alarm with smoke bridge. my question is as follows

I wrote the following program



Status 'Motion Detectors / Motion Det Basement-Low Ba' is On



Send Notification to 'Text Message' content 'Low Batt Basmt Motion Det'



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')



how can I test this to see if it is working properly. will this trigger if I remove the battery.


2. with regard to the smoke detector how can I test it to see if I get a message when smoke is detected. is there something to create smoke.

Thank you

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Removing the battery stops the motion sensor. Install a weak battery but be careful as the motion sensor sends only one low battery message. The battery has to be low enough to report Low Bat but not so low as to prevent the motion sensor from working.


How to generate smoke as a test can be interesting. Light a piece of paper and blow out the flame. May produce enough smoke to set off the alarm. Over heat some grease on the stove but that can result in a real fire so caution is advised. Find a neighbor that smokes.

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If all you want to test is the ISY/messaging logic ....


You can add an "Or Control 'SmokeBridge-Test' is switched On" clause to your program, and use the test button on the smoke detector.


Then, once you have that working, do a test with actual smoke to verify the 'Smoke' node logic.

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