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ISY 994i stopped connecting via DHCP


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I can not connect to my isy. There is no entry in the DHCP list on my router for it. I have power cycled both devices to no avail. The router see other devices on the network. The isy network connection has a green light if not plugged in I get the red error light but once it sees the router it turns off. So it appears to be talking (or thinks it is) but I can not find it.


Will a factory reset potentially fix this? I am holding off to see if the programs run this evening. I hate to have to buy another on of these already. Any ideas?

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Hi jimd60,


I am so very sorry to hear.


If you have a blinking error light, then please try re-seating the SD Card. If you have both error and mem blinking simultaneously, then the problem could be that there's an IP conflict.


If you have configured your ISY with a static IP address, then factory reset might fix it. This said, make sure you have a good backup before doing a factory reset.


If all else fails, please do not hesitate to contact our tech support (links below).


With kind regards,


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No error light. Network cable has green light by port. Program worked and turned lights on and adjusted for daylight savings time. Still can not find the address. I did not assign one as I have been using DHCP. That is what is making it frustrating as I have no way to get to it.


I will contact tech support - thanks.

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