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Refurbished 2450 IO Linc cannot be added.


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I purchased a refurbished 2450 IO Linc but cannot add the device to ISY994i version 4.1.2. Using autodiscover and manual entry for a 2450 I receive "Unsupported Device 7.13". I've tried clearing cache, upgrading to 4.1.2 but the device will not link to the system. Any other suggestions?

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By chance is there a model number and hardware revision sticker on the I/OLinc?

Reason I asked. Is I have seen some new I/OLIncs and a unreleased I/O module number. In the HouseLinc Devices.xml file with different Sub Cat numbers.

What power requirements are listed on the back label?

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The HouseLinc devices.xml file also shows an interesting 2450 I/OLinc with 50/60 cycle auto select. It also has a different Sub Cat 0D.

Along with a 2248-222,-422,-442,-522 series of I/O Modules that all have new Sub Cat IDs.

From the suffix numbers. It could be they are now going international.

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