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ISY Backup Mavericks


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When I attempt to backup I get the message Cannot Read the ZIP File. I searched for suggestions to address this and followed precisely the instructions to set JAVA to run in unsafe mode. I get the same message. Any suggestions? I lost a bunch of stuff this morning and had to reinstall it. I don't want to do that again.

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I am running Mavericks on a MacBook Pro. I have the ISY Admin Console icon in my Applications folder and an alias of that application on my desktop. The UI of that application is 4.0.5; the firmware UI is also 4.0.5. I have gone to http://isy.universal-devices.com/994i/4.1.2 and loaded the app as directed. I checked its UI and it is 4.1.2. When I attempt to backup from that app I get the same message about not being able to open the zip file. Also, I don’t understand how to get 4.1.2 into the Applications folder to replace the the 4.0.5 Application already there and to give me the ability to place an alias on the desktop or into the dock. I have already had to redo almost all my work twice, losing hours and causing a lot of frustration. I have 21 Insteon devices and use 15 X-10 devices at Christmas. I am not an experienced JAVA user so I don’t know how to clear the cache. I need help.

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Hi smokegrub-


You don't need the Admin in the applications folder. You should only have the one on your desktop. Java apps are different than native Mac apps.

To clear the Java cache:


Go to system preferences and select the Java Icon in the bottom row.

On the General Tab, click the "Settings" button.

On the next window, click the "Delete Files..." button.

On the next window, make sure all 3 check boxes are checked.

Click "OK", "OK", "OK"


Then Go to http://isy.universal-devices.com/994i/4.1.2/admin.jnlp and save the resulting file to your downloads.

Go to your downloads and double click the Admin.jnlp file

This will create a new Admin icon on your desktop with UI 4.1.2


Save this procedure for future updates like the upcoming 4.1.3 release.


Also, I believe the problems that you are having are not related to Mavericks directly but rather the fact that you are using Safari. Safari tries to open files for you after downloading them. There is a setting in Safari preferences to stop that behavior -or- you could use Firefox instead.



Hope this helps.



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Are you launching the console from the desktop icon or from a browser session?





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I'm at a loss. As far as I can tell, your system and mine are nearly identical yet I have no problem with mine in this regard. I think you may need assistance from UDI support at this point as I am all out of ideas as to what may be causing this.



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