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994i not responsive; Power, RX & TX all solid


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My 994i/ir is misbehaving. Yesterday I turned the kitchen lights off from a switchlinc, took a few steps away and they turned back on again!


I decided to restart the isy and when I did, the power, RX & TX lights all stay lit. The MEM light flickers a bit at startup, but the other three never go out.

I tried resetting the PLM. No dice.

I tried unplugging the PLM for a long time. No help.

I tried logging in to the ISY, but I can't.


The PLM light is lit and blinks when there is traffic on the network. It's the older non-dual-band version.


The ISY was powered via the PLM so I plugged it in using the power adapter, but that didn't help.


Any ideas? Bad PLM? Bad ISY?

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