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Sunrise to Sunset has stopped working


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The pseudo-programming effectively states, if it's daytime, and a motion sensor is on, allow the courtyard fountain to run, else, don't waste the electricity because either it's dark outside or no one is around to enjoy seeing it. This has worked well for a year. Now, it has stopped. To test the problem, I created a new program, simply stating if it's Sunrise to Sunset, to turn on a light, and that doesn't work either. The time shown on ISY is correct as are the sunsrise / sunset times at the top of the screen. The first question is, has something expired (some software that must be purchased)? Second question is, any ideas? Thank you everyone.

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Sunrise to Sunset would usually be the (Same Day) - not next. This is for during the day usage.

Sunset to Sunrise would use (Next Day) for overnight use.




There is no reason for this to stop functioning. Post the actual program involved. I suspect there is another condition that is causing the failure. Possibly related to the motion sensor.



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Also note that coding this Program AFTER Sunrise DOES NOT cause this Program to execute the Then section because Sunrise has already passed. The Then clause will not execute until tomorrow.

       From    Sunrise
       To      Sunset  (same day)

       Send X10 'A6/On (3)'

       Send X10 'A6/Off (11)'

For the initial problem make sure the Program is not in a Folder with a False state.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


Where do I look to see if the Program is a folder with a false state as Lee G suggests?


Where do I look to see if the program status turns true as oberkc suggests?


Yes, I am using sunset same day.


How do I copy the program as text to paste into this forum reply? (Ctl+A and Ctl+C doesn't do it).


Thanks again!

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"Where do I look to see if the Program is a folder with a false state?"


Click Programs | Summary tab. The display shows the Path (is a Program in a Folder), when Last Run Time, Status when it did run.


"How do I copy the program as text to paste into this forum reply? (Ctl+A and Ctl+C doesn't do it)."


Right click on Program name and select Copy to Clipboard. Paste into forum


The False Status indicates the If was evaluated as False which would run the Else clause. Why was If False? Paste the Program. What was the Last Run Time? Does it match Sunrise or Sunset?

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Thanks LeeG.


It shows it was last run: Last run time blank, last finish time blank, next scheduled run today at sunset (the time shown is correct). It's possible the first two fields are blank because I had disabled the program yesterday.



Here's the program:


Control 'Motion 2-Office' is switched On

And From Sunrise

To Sunset (same day)



Set Scene 'Courtyard Fountain' On

Wait 1 hour

Set Scene 'Courtyard Fountain' Off



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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Answered one of my own questions... the program shows as enabled with status false. As you're probably guessing, programing is not my forte, so what do I do with the new found information?



Right click on the program and click "run if". The program should turn true if it is during the day, or stay false if it is at night.


Also, using the admin console, turn your fountain (or light) on/off to make sure that the communication is working between ISY and the target device.

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If before Sunset, trigger the motion sensor and see if the Program is triggered.


It should trigger as long as Enabled and before Sunset. If all the conditions are correct and it does not trigger run Tools | Diagnostics | Event Viewer at LEVEL 3. Does the event viewer show motion sensor activity when walking past motion sensor? If so post the event viewer trace.


EDIT: Running the If section will not be True because of the If Control 'motion' is switched On. A motion On is needed for the If to run True.

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One problem you will have with your program (unrelated to your posted concerns) is that if sunset occurs during an on-going wait period, the wait will halt and the fountain will not turn off. I suggest adding a command in the ELSE clause to turn off the fountain scene.

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Thanks everyone.


The Event log shows now activity despite the red led flashing showing motion sensed.


I replaced the battery (though quite new). I did a factory reset to the motion sensor. I am able to successfully operate a light from the motion sensor. I then was able to successfully operate the fountain by making it a controller to that scene. All through this testing I've been observing the Event Viewer #3. With each sensing of motion, the Event log showed "activity".


I then removed the motion sensor from the scene as a controller, and added it to a simple program that upon sensing motion it should turn on the fountain. Success, it both turns on the fountain, and I see the Event Log shows "activity".


I then added the Sunrise to Sunset condition and it still works. Yeah!


I guess the factory reset was the solution to the problem? Anyway, thanks, everyone for the suggestions, and I learned a few new things such as the Event Viewer which surely will be helpful in the future.

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