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Garage door opened by itself when nobody was at home


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Hello Forum,


I am having a sever problem with my both garage doors. Both of them where wide open when we came home and nobody was at home.

We are using a KPL MAIN button to control the ceiling light in the garage, Button Garage-HER-BT is for HER Garage Open/Close while Garage-HIS-BT is obviously fo his Garage Open/Close.


Both of the IOLincs are programmed on Momentary B.


I have seen several times an odd behavior but was never able to figure out what was going on. Therefore I have attached the log file and the programs I am using to control the doors and the LEDs in the buttons.


Usually my wife is opening the door with the normal door opener button, leaving the garage and closing it with the remote button.

Coming back home, she is also using the remote...

While I am using MobiLinc and the Program to open the doors and never experience an issue.


Well today she did not do anything with HIS door, but both of the doors where open....


At this point I do not understand, why there are so many topics in this forum about Garage door and programs... Why is it that complicated for a normal user !?!?


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A check of LOG file shows the following ....


HER door opened at 4:16:56

HER door closed at 4:18:08


HER door opened at 4:18:10

HIS door opened at 4:18:11


HIS door closed at 4:39:42

HER door closed at 4:39:43


No RELAY action for either door at these events. That suggests the doors were commanded by the remote or some other non-Insteon mechanism.


Can you identify when the doors were found open.

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Hi LeeG,

According to my wife, she left the house at about 4:15pm.

Opened her garage with the regular garage button and left immediately. Closing the door from the car with her remote.

She came home at about 4:45pm and was shocked. Parked the cars ans closed both doors.


Neighbour kids told her that both doors were opened all the time....but of course we do not know exactly what when and how.




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Both doors opened 2 and 3 seconds after HER door closed. Note the time stamp on the LOG messages.


HER door opened at 4:16:56

HER door closed at 4:18:08


HER door opened at 4:18:10 - door opened 2 seconds after HER door closed

HIS door opened at 4:18:11 - door opened 3 seconds after HER door closed


As there are no RELAY actions logged between 4:18:08 and 4:18:10/4:18:11, the doors opened in response to a Remote command or some other RF signal.

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