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Thermostat advice - Insteon or Z-Wave?


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I've had two PROLIPHIX thermostats for several years. They work well, but not integrated with everything else, which bugs me. Then next driver for wanting to replace them is they have their own monitoring solution which is becoming a paid service at the end of June.


If I'm going to replace them with Insteon or Z-wave what would you recommend?


A bit about my setup.


ISY994i Pro IR

Lots of Insteon devices covering the majority of the house

ELK Alarm with ELK module for ISY

Network Module for ISY

MobiLinc user with Camera and ELK add-ins

Recently ordered Z-wave module and Z-wave locks (Schlage BE469NXCAM605)


For those that are not familiar with the Proliphix thermostats they are wired PoE devices, so I have Ethernet and the thermostat control wires plumbed in to both thermostat locations.




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Tstats seems to be a tough one in the ISY environment.


I had the Insteon wired and wireless. If you search the forums, you'll see many issues with them. For the wired tstat, there are known issues with gas furnaces causing the tstats to change modes, set points, etc on their own due to line noise. For the wireless ones, there is a confirmed issue with Master mode not working reliably and has been that way for more than a year with no fix from Smarthome.


I have two of the 2Gig CT100's. They're relatively cheap and working OK. The only thing is I have to poll them regularly as the updates aren't being reliably processed, although I can't tell you where the fault is. It definitely got better with the ISY v4.2.x. Another drawback is that Mobilinc does not support them on the Android version. Not sure about iOS.


The Venstar T5900/T6900 are pretty and Wi-Fi. They have an API for control over the network. IO_Guy wrote a PC-based program that uses ISY Network module for monitoring and control called VenLink. See here. viewforum.php?f=103

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I have been using the Honeywell z-wave for about 2 weeks with no problems so far. The only issue I see so far and I could have been missing something is the ability to add it to a scene so that it can be controlled or control insteon devices.




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Hybrid scenes (Zwave + Insteon) are not yet supported. UDI is working on this.



Well .... they are sort of but not in the sense of scenes we are used to. You can mix Z-Wave and Insteon in the same scene but it looks like the ISY simulates the scene by accessing the devices in the scene directly. There are also some limitations to this in that you can't control the on-level or ramp rate with Z-Wave devices, it's mostly on or off.

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