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Insteon.jar blocked - No Admin Console


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This application will be blocked in a future Java security update because the JAR file manifest does not contain the Permissions attribute. Please contact the Publisher for more information. More Information

I get the above message and I the application will not run on IE, Chrome or Firefox on Win7 of Mac. I have the latest Java, added URL to java exceptions list and cleared java cache. I still cannot get it to run.

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Add ISY-99 to exception list with Java 1.7.51+


With the advent of Java 1.7.51 and up, Java applets are now required to contain a manifest file. Those that don’t are now not allowed to run unless you make a security exception for the applet. UDI has released newer firmware (4.1.2) that includes a manifest file and meets the new requirements. The ISY-99 series is not receiving firmware updates after firmware 3.3.10 as it has run out of room for the larger code in the newer firmwares. If you have decided not to upgrade to the ISY-994 series controllers, you will need to work around the new Java requirements and add an exception for your ISY-99i. Here is how to make that exception.




Open System Preferences and double click the Java icon.

In the Java preferences, click the security tab.

Click “Edit Site Listâ€

Click “Add†and enter the URL for your ISY.

Acknowledge the warning that this poses a security risk by clicking “Continueâ€

Click “OK†then “OK†and close the Java preferences window.




Open the Windows Control Panel

Double click the Java control panel applet.

Click the Security tab

Click the “Edit Site List…†button.

Click the “Add†button and enter the URL for your ISY-99i series controller.

Click “OK†and close the Windows Control Panelâ€


This should get you back up and running until you can upgrade to an ISY-994 and the newer firmware.



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Sorry. Assumed from Brian's post that it was a 99i.


At least that gave a description of Why this happened.



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Your choices are: Add the ISY994 to the Java exception list as above or upgrade the firmware to 4.1.2 or higher. I would recommend not upgrading to 4.2.2 (current beta) and instead wait for 4.2.3 hopefully this weekend as there are a couple of known issues with 4.2.2.


Adding the 994 to the exception list is probably the easiest thing to do for the moment.



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