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INSTEON IOLinc Garage Door Control and Status Kit


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First time poster here. I have a Sears Garage Door opener Model 139.18489D and was wondering if anyone knows if it will work with the insteon garage door kit. It looks like it has only 2 wires going to the controller. I have attached a pic of the controller. The controller has motion on it and a light.


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I don't know for sure, but my guess is that it will work. I cannot help but suspect that this is similar to a chamberlain model that I have (which does work with the IOLinc).


If you are reasonably handy, I also suspect that were this not compatible with normal methods, you could tap the IOLinc into the wall button contacts, somehow, and make this work.

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You can actually perform a quick, and simple, test. Get a short wire. Locate the two terminals on the opener where the wall button is wired. Quickly (less than a second) short the two terminals. If the door responds, the IOLinc will work fine.

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Then, attach two shorts, one to each applicable block. Touch the end of the wires together quickly.


The IOLinc relay does little more than short the contacts together, like a simple doorbell button or garage door button. Try to find a way to simulate this to see if your opener is compatible.

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I have been reading the forums about installing the garage door kit and I'm wondering if I need to purchase a different magnetic switch for it. It sounds like the one that comes with it will give the opposite of what I want it to do. When the garage door is opened I would like the KPL button's LED to be on and when closed the LED to be off. Thanks for all of your help.

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I'm unable to get the Garage door kit until June 20th. Since i'm ordering the magnetic contacts separately, can I just order the INSTEON IOLinc Low Voltage Input Output Interface Module. I already have the wire. Will this work exactly the same.

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Sears Craftsman garage door operators and Liftmaster garage door operators are both manufactured by Chamberlain.

In a previous life, I worked for the Sentex division of Chamberlain as a Product Manager. In that capacity, I became very familiar with all of the Chamberlain products and brands.

Yes, Chamberlain garage door operators will work with the I/O-Linc.


Lee Fleishman

INControl Home Automation

Certified INSTEON Installer / Consultant

Thousand Oaks, CA

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Thanks everyone. The kit worked with my garage openers. I'm having one issue. The KPL button opens and closes the doors but the button LED does not come on at all (when closed or opened). It does flash twice when pressed. I'm pretty sure I followed the directions on this site correctly. Hoping someone can help. Thanks

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That option cannot be set under the ISY. Also I think that blinks the Set button, not the KPL button. If it is in non-toggle On mode and does not turn On after blinking twice something in your implementation is turning it Off. What is determining whether the button is On or Off as non-toggle On should leave the button On.

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