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Keypadlinc Button State Not Updating


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I have a pretty robust Insteon setup and am by no means a beginner, though I have what feels to me like a rookie problem. 


By my front door I have a 6 button Keypad link - its showing in the ISY as 2487 Dual Band KeypadLinc Relay v.41


The problem is that the 'middle' 4 buttons don't respond to scenes calling for them to be switched off and only seem to respond to local control - i.e. an actual button press. 


I have a number of scenes and a program that call for the "Away" button to be turned off when certain events occur. Interestingly, the button state as reported to the ISY is accurate - that is, when a scene calls for the AWAY button to be turned off and I trigger that scene, the ISY will correctly show the AWAY button to be in the 'off' state. HOWEVER, the button itself will still be 'lit'. 


Any ideas as to how I can have the button state and LED state actually match one another?


Its a very odd problem and is only affecting this particular keypadlinc. 



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Sounds like some missing link records or comm errors to me.  Start the event viewer at level 3 and select restore device on the KPL from the ISY and see where that takes you.  Post the event trace if the restore does not solve the problem.



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