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2441TH Thermostat, Economy Mode Keeps getting set


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I have a 2441TH.  Periodically the Thermostat switches into the Economy Mode.  The leaf button.  This changes the temperature about 4 degrees colder.  Some type of offset.  I've contacted Insteon and told them that I am using ISY Device.  They said that that is the variable and it it possible for the ISY to send a command that could trigger the Economy Mode. and suggested I contact Universal Devices.  Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and knows what causes this situation?  I'm on the 4.05 version.  Plan to upgrade to the latest, but currently traveling and will do when I return.

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Hi bh56-


Its not the ISY.  More than likely, its the 2441TH not being able to handle a spike coming from your HVAC equipment.  Assuming its your furnace based on the time of year.  Some with gas fired furnaces have reported this as a result of a spike sent when the furnace either fires or shuts down.  There are a number of threads on here about this very issue and some of the steps that have been taken to try and remedy the situation.  I don't recall if there was ever a final accepted solution however.  Personally, I think some form of OptoIsolator between the stat and the HVAC equipment is the way to go.


Here is a link to one of the threads on this: http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/9105-a-new-2441th-issue/?do=findComment&comment=72648


Hope this helps.




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Thanks so much for pointing me in this direction.  I will look at this thread further and see if I can diagnose as it appear that some may have done so.  Not sure if there is a conclusion either.

But maybe help me in finding a solution.


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