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Z-Wave Only Scenes?


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Hello All,


Are "Scenes" useful or even supported for Z-Wave ONLY installs?


I've been creating my own Scenes in Programs, however it may benefit me to migrate theses scenes into the ISY's "Scene" functionality.

The last time I explored this we were in alpha, and have since adopted my own way, but I can see the usefulness and ease of the Scene setup and would like some input on this.

Currently I have multiple scenes for every room in my house, based off of occupancy and light level outside.

I have a program to set the devices to the specified levels, another program to check the levels before turning the lights off to see if they have been manually adjusted.


Occasionally I want to tweak the scene settings, and its a lot of work to cross reference multiple programs to ensure the light level of a specific device is 48% for example.  


See Screenshots:




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