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Using ISY as an Alarm clock --changing times easily


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I am thinking about the best way to use ISY as an alarm clock. The key will be to be able to easily vary and enter the time I want the "wake up" routine to run the next morning. The "wakeup" routine will be just some variation of programming of lights, music, temperature etc.


I am looking for any input on the best way to accomplish this. Here are a few options I have come up with. 


Option 1:

Use an 8 button keypadlinc, where the left column of buttons represents fixed hours such as 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, and the right column represents 15 minute increments of 00, 15, 30, 45.  As i go to bed i can press the correct button on each side to choose times in 15 minute increments from 5am to 8:45. 


The left side would set a Integer variable called Hour of 5, 6, 7 or 8. The right side would set an Integer variable called Minute of 0,15, 30 or 45


The programming would be 4 folders, the first enabled only when Hour = 5, then next 6, then 7 and then 8. Each folder would then have 4 identical programs. In the first folder, the first program is If Minute =0, then run Wake up routine at 5:00, the second If minute =15, run wakeup routine at 5:15 etc. 


In the morning, a fast on or a fast off of any of the keys (so you don't have to be picky which ones you hit) would enable a snooze of ~10minutes. While a single on or off would signal the ISY that i am awake, but leave on the music / lights etc. If an awake signal is not received after ~ 10 minutes then a "chime" would go off to make sure i got out of bed etc.or what ever wake up routine ends up working the best for our lifestyle.


Option 2:

Through Mobilinc, I manually set the two integer variables similar to the above situation but with out the use of the keypad. However if the above approach was used in conjunction, it would light the appropriate buttons and operate as above. Another similar option that would bring ultimate flexibility could be accomplished if there is a way to make a variable relate to a time. Is this possible? Some other way of turning it off would also have to be accomplished if the keypad didn't exist and this was the only way to set the alarm.


Option 3:

 Is there some way, in using Network resources, that i could simply send a text message to ISY to tell it the time i want to wake up? A keypad button could light up as acknowledgment etc. 


Any other ideas? Has anyone set up something like this? The ideal is a) ease of time entry, B) flexible times c) acknowledgement, d) snooze.


Looking forward to hearing everyones thoughts. Thanks!




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Hi dbwarner5,


The main issue is that ISY programs depend on accurate times and cannot work with variables (yet). Furthermore, you would need different programs for each. The best method would be to wait for our 5.0 which allows you to assign values to Wait through Variables. This way, you can have something like:



From Sunrise

For 3 hours


Wait $wake_up_time



This way, all you need is option 1 (or you can use MobiLinc to set those variables) and then have the program run.


You cannot use Network Resources to send wake up time to ISY.


With kind regards,


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A CAI WebControl board with case and power supply can send real time from Internet sources into ISY with a minimal program learning curve. Ay date or time value could be then tested from the variables sent into ISY. Later, cheap 1Wire temperature probes, or other sensors, could also be added for temp/humidity values in ISY.






Also, X10 previously had alarm clock looking devices that could send X10 coded alarms to ISY  based on an alarm clock style settable device. I am not sure if these are still available.

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I'm not sure if you're using Android or an iPhone.  I've got my Android phone alarm calling scenes and programs based on my alarm clock app via Tasker and Mobilinc.


The alarm clock app that I use (Sleep as Android) sends intents that Tasker sees and acts on.  I don't think I can post a link but search for "Sleep as Android Tasker" and it should come right up.


So, I have Tasker launch a wakeup scene which brightens the master bedroom overhead light over 9 minutes.  I also have an "alarm dismissed" that sets the ISY's Sleep Mode off.  I also have an "alarm snoozed" tasker action that just reads me the current time outloud and doesn't actually do anything with the ISY.


This solution has been working well. I don't have to bother setting variables in ISY for an alarm time, it just responds to my phone.

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I dont understand why you would need variables at all?

Just set 8 programs and use the If statement something like this;


If KPL btn 1 is on and time is 5am

then do this and this and this

else enjoy another 3 hours of sleep.


If KPL btn 2 is on and time is 6am

then do this and this and this

else enjoy another 2 hours of sleep.



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I've actually been thinking about adding an alarm clock facility to my soft console application for the Pi.  Since I have a console sitting on my bedstand it would be a natural spot for it and provide a rich/easy interface.  This approach would probably put the time alerting logic itself in the RPi and then trigger a program on the ISY at the designated time.  By the way - current version of the softconsole is a quite stable v0.91 on github.

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