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Can a program activate a scene?


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Yes. a program can turn a scene on or off or even modify the brightness level(s) of some or all devices in the scene.


Action, Insteon


Set 'Scene Name' [choose an action]

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     anything (e.g., device, schedule, etc.) or nothing*



     Set 'scene' [choose something]



*if nothing, then you can use another program to run the "Then' part.

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Does the scene have to include a controller? For example I want to add all my lights to a scene then have a program turn that scene on and off

No sir.  All devices can be responder only if so desired.  The ISY's PLM is actually a controller but you don't see that in the device list.


Hope that helps.



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I would even go so far as to say using scenes is preferable when switching multiple lights on or off because they will all respond simultaneously, versus a sequential shut down if you tell your program to shut them off one by one.


Unless you're going for that sequential look, of course.



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