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Advice Help on New thermostat

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I am replacing my 18 year old Trane HVAC systems with new Trane units. My dealer is suggesting I use the Trane 624 z-wave based thermostat (TCONT624AS42DA). These thermostats are made by Nexia. Nexia states that  the thermostat is a Z-Wave™ Thermostat General V2 Device class unit. The UDI is a UDI 994i Pro with OpenADR, Network, and A10/X10 modules installed. I no longer need the A10/X10 functionality as my home is now all Insteon, including Insteon Thermostats which actually work fine. My home uses wall mounted iPads to control all aspects of my Home Automation system, including the existing thermostats. The iPads operate through the UDI ISY994.

1)  What do I need to buy to upgrade my UDI994i PRO to handle z-wave?


2) Can the UDI with z-wave communicate with the Trane 624 thermostat?

3) Nexia knows nothing about the UDI 994i.  Nexia claims I need their "Home Bridge" to communicate with the thermostat. Is this correct or will the UDI handle it by itself? 

4) Is there a different Trane thermostat that some one recommends I use instead of their TCONT-624

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1) Z-Wave module http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=Z-Wave:_Ordering/Assembly_Instructions


2) I don't know specifically about that thermostat, but the module is supposed to communicate with any Z-Wave device


3) The Nexia bridge is not required at all

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