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Cant remove device


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I am in the middle of a transition from a Vera 3 to an ISY994

I removed a Evolve LSM-AS Zwave Dimmer and LTM accessory switch from the vera 3 and Included them on the ISY994 before I understood that the current Zwave code does not support 2 way comms.

they now show up on the ISY as ZW008 Binary Switch, ZW008 multilevel switch and a ZW008 Remote.

The ISY says they all work, but changing their states does not result in lights on or off.

I have tried REMOVING them from add/remove zwave device with the ISY right next to them - No Joy, ISY never see's the command to remove

If I delete them from the ISY,  will they still be stuck in the Zwave dongle, or is there a way to make them go away before I replace the switches with something that works ??

Any info appreciated



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