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Grundfos SQE constant pressure well pump


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Anyone had any experience in using one of these for your well? My concern is if it causes interference with insteon. I am reading that they use power line signals between the control and the pump but do not know if they isolate their signal to the pump or let it out over the house power lines.


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For  any interested, following find the response I received from Grundfos (fiy, SQE is their pump, CU30X is their controller):




This is a difficult question regarding our powerline communication.


I have had a look at Insteon and their documentation; they are using almost the same frequency as we are in our system. They also claim to be have very sensitive receivers. It looks like they have some checks in the way the communicate, so the system looks strong.


So even though that we filter our communication and it take part between CU30X and SQE, some small signals will be seen on the “outside” of the CU30X filter. And the other way around signals can interfere with our communication.


We have tested our system against other powerline equipment such as these powerline LAN adapters for households; there we didn’t see any performance issues neither on CU30X or the LAN adapters.


I would say that we are so much in doubt that we should stay away from this installation with SQE.”

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I have been running an SQE variable speed Grundfos pump for the last seven-eight  years in my home. Since about Sept 2013 I have installed Insteon units and currently have about 40-50 units now. I have never experienced a problem between the two that I have ever noted.


The Grundfos signals are superimposed on the lines to the pump and by the looks of the coils in the control box the incoming supply is well isolated from interference and interfering with external gadgets. My pump control is 120vac 1/2 hp and runs off my PV inverter. I chose 120vac due to only having a single phase 120vac inverter at that time. Plugged in, within ten feet, and probably not more than 15 feet of wire, is my PLM and ISY running off my grid panel. I do have Insteon plug-in units running off the inverter backed-up circuits with no problems. My X10 units have communication problems on those circuits with over 70-80 feet of 14/2 cables but not Insteon.


AFCI breakers did  give my Insteon units some problems before adding more dual band units in those zones but I seldom see inverter interference in bedrooms because the inverters aren't running during non-sunny times when I would be in the bedrooms with lights on. I have no Access Points, no Insteon repeaters or phase bridges, and no noise filters but I live in the rural with only three customers on one underground  grid transformer. I do have an old X10 phase bridge on the same 5 foot long circuit that my ISY/PLM is plugged into.


This Grundfos signal concern was raised with me years back on another group when I first purchased it with concerns for working with an inverter.  Has never been a problem for pump, inverter or Insteon.

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Thanks for the response.  Are you using the CU30x controller for the SQE?  


Looks now that I may have to go with a larger size pump than in the SQE family which would put me into a VF Inverter for the pump, which does not use plc.


i suspected their signal would be well insulated from the rest of the house but their engineer, as you see, had reservations. Great to have your info from the real world!

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Yes the same CU30x controller. My well is 155 feet deep (lift probably only about 50-60 feet)and using the 1/2 hp as the biggest I could get for 120vac. The pressure is limited to 60PSI and at 70 PSI it takes a long time to shut off. If my well water level drops significantly it may never shut off and consume massive quantities of energy before noticing. I only have one floor and basement. A second story would made the story different.

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