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ISY Admin - Inoperative on Chrome Browser


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I cannot access the admin console from the Chrome Browser. :cry:


1. I have the newest Java just installed today. :-P


2. I have made the JAVA plug-in always running :-P


3. the UDAJAX works but hangs up going to the Admin Console. :?


4. I can do this perfectly from IE 11.0.9 - No issues at all. :-P


Not a big deal but I would like to use chrome!



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I have the same problem with Chrome on multiple computers no longer being unable to access Java plugins for multiple applications including ISY.


This issue appeared following making recent updates to my system (the new ISY994i Series Firmware v4.2.30, Windows 7 x64 updates, Chrome update, etc). Now using the most recent version of Chrome  

Version 42.0.2311.90 m, and Java Version 8 Update 45 (32 bit).


I have the same problem with no longer being able to access my Foscam IP cameras via java plugins on Chrome.


I spent some hours trying to figure this out given that a number of things had all been changed at once, and found little surprisingly little reference to this issue until I stumbled across the links below. It would appear that Chrome is phasing out Java support as per the attached article, and we can no longer readily use Chrome with java plugins.






Internet Explorer (11.0.9600.xxxx) works fine to access ISY and Foscam etc via Java (using Java Version 8 Update 45 (32 bit)), but not Chrome. Pretty clear that Chrome can no longer be readily used for ISY admin console access, or for other Java-based interfaces like to Foscam.


Don't fuss over whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit Java - sorry but that is irrelevant to this issue. Read the releases.


It will be interesting to see what approach UD, Foscam, and others take with respect to future use of Java.


Hope this helps others avoid undue frustration and wasted time.

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Verified. Windows 8.1 64 bit. Java 8, Update 40. Updated to Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m.


I can browse to the HTML interface, but when trying to  open the Administrative Console I get the message, "This plug-in is not supported."

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Hello everyone,


Chrome dues require the 32bit version if you use the applet. If you use the applicatio, however, the bits are immaterial.


With kind regards,



Hi Michel, I would agree with you, the bits are immaterial.


But that's not really the point. The issue is that Chrome is well along their well-documented road to phasing out Java support, and the most recent release of Chrome (Version 42.0.2311.90 m), will no longer support the UDI ISY Java interface plugin. Doesn't matter what update or bit version of Java you try (I'm up to date at Version 8 Update 45 (32 bit)).


So users should forget using the Chrome route to access ISY in future, and shouldn't waste time trying to troubleshoot what is in fact a documented new Chrome "feature", and not a bug somewhere.


I'm surprised and puzzled that this issue is not more widely documented and addressed here and elsewhere.


This issue will certainly become more prominent in the very near future as people are updating their version of Chrome and hitting this unexpected issue, as stusviews experience further confirms.

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The reason I use a URL to launch via a browser is to avoid the "ISY Finder" window popping up when running the "application". Is there anyway to get rid of the ISY Finder? It would be nice for it to save what it finds with an option to open with saved settings.

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OK, something here simply does not track. I have been following this thread with great interest and just moments ago everything was accessible perfectly fine via the HAD interface.


Meaning when I was in the HAD interface when selecting the Admin tab like I normally do. Upon selecting the *Admin Console* tab it then showed the broken link and that the plugin was no longer supported WTF???


This issue was seen after selecting the link provided by Michel in the docked thread located here: http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/15885-chrome-and-isys-admin-console/


Selecting option one which down loads the link from the UDI server and places it on your desktop is directly related to the web browser showing this plugin is not supported???


Can someone explain to me what can be done to restore the previous access?? I like Shannong would prefer not to have the finder floating around even though I have three ISY Series Controllers in production.

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The ISY Finder saving what it finds won't work if you have more than one ISY, but once you launch the console you can close the finder.



<eye roll> I'd expect 99% or more of users only have one ISY.


Good to know I'm a 1%er B)

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Hi Teken,


With Chrome, unfortunately you cannot go back to the previous state. Of course, we can have UDAjax and HAD updated so that the Admin Console goes to .jnlp. And, that's what we should do!


With kind regards,


As always I thank you!



Ideals are peaceful - History is violent

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I am using chrome to access the admin console in my ISY994i.  I have done this successfully for some time.

Now i get a message indicating that the Java applet is no longer supported,

I am running Windows 8.1, Java 8.0.45, chrome 43.0.2357.81 m and ISY firmware and U v.4.2.15


Google has disabled the flag for support of NPAPI. By re-enabling this flag (chrome://flags/#enable-npapi) it works
BUT Google plans to remove all support for NPAPI later this year. At this time are all chrome users just out of luck.


Does Universal Devices have some plan to allow accress to the admin console without the Java applet.




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Yes.  First install 4.2.30 to get to latest Official release.  Clear the Java cache and installed apps.  Use 4.a to install 4.2.30 Admin Console and create Icon on Desktop to invoke Admin Console without needing Chrome.

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