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Displaying status of a device on a web page


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I can do some very basic (emphasis on basic) web page design.  


On my personal home page I have a table of devices in my home that I want to quickly be able to control.  It's basically just a list of devices in one column then an 'on' and an 'off' button in two adjacent columns.  It works *fine* - very 'no frills' but it gets what I want to do done.


I'd like to, though, be able to display the status of the device - very simplistically - just change the color of the text to green for on and red for off or something like that.  In addition I'd like to be able to set a color or other indicator on my web page depending on whether an ISY variable is 0 or 1.


Is there a straight forward way to do this?  This is the only web design that I want to do so I'm not looking for a big, complicated project.  If it's going to be too much work I'd rather just either skip it or buy one of the pre-made apps.


Thanks in advance,



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