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2477D Operating Temperature


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I was helping out another Insteon user in the SH forum when I noticed the provided full users manual on page 34 indicated the operating range of this particular device is stated as: -40 to 104'F / -40 to 40'C.


I don't know if that is a typo or a for real as the storage temperature range is stated as the same. Historically the storage temperature has always been stated with a wider range.


I have to tell you that is pretty impressive to say the least given the device is rated for indoor use only? What made me very happy is the continued push to also make their hardware more energy efficient which in this case is stated as 0.59 watts.


If Smartlabs continues down this road and also at some point incorporates native energy management / monitoring features as is available from many of the Z-Wave camp.


I for see nothing less than prosperity & growth for them.




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