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Imeter solo, how to get ISY to calculate Energy Usage?


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Hi all,


Ok, I'm a newbie, so I will get that outof the way.


Second, I know from reading all the threads about the iMeter Solo that it has been a flop and Universal-Devices does not want to waste development time on a product that Smarthome/Insteon seem to have abandom themselves.


With that in mind,I am not asking for anything crazy.


I did get one Energy Display units to see what it wa sall aboutm, nothing great in my opinion. I hate that it goes to sleep, a real waste of money.


Since its been recommended that I do not run Houselinc or the HUB (although the HUB doesn't really even support the iMeter Solo except for linking with it).

All I want the ISY to do is get the kilowatt usage, which it actually does! Wow, it does that at least!


But there is a field when looking at the iMeter from the Mobilinc Pro app on Android that I'm interested in getting to work. Actually, I would like it to work on the ISY first.


I want  the Total Usage 'Cost' calculated?


Is it possible to get the ISY to perform the calculation of the power consumption?


It is able to read the kilowatt, its doing that now.


So is the a pre-written program that already does this, if not, is it possible to write a program to do the calculation.


Bear in mind, that being a newbie, my ISY programming skills are limited right now. I've only been able to do very simple things so far, not much to speak of.


Or is there some add-on module that I would need to purchase to do the calculation. Nothing that costs me more than the ISY. LOL! No, really nothing more than a few bucks.


Could maybe I setup the Houselinc to see just the iMeter Solo and since the docs say that Houselinc has the ability to do the calculations maybe I set that up and have the ISY import that function of how its done?


Or do I give up and sell the two iMeters I inverted in and get something else. I read that Z-wave has something that works much better.


I do have a top-of-line ISY994, I have the ISY994iZW-Pro with IR!


Thank you!



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