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Programs don't load


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Recently updated my ISY994i PRO.  Running the latest JAVA (8 - 65), cleared cache, signed in.  MAIN tab shows my devices but when I select the PROGRAMS tab it loops for awhile trying to load the programs and eventually doesn't load them.  Running Windows 10 and using Internet Explorer.  Tried this on another Windows 10 PC and it works.  Any ideas?

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My admin console does the same thing if ISY gets too busy. It just gives up. Using v5.0.2 beta.


This happened after replacing batteries in three MS units. One ended up having to be being factory reset and restored but then ISY began acting really weird and constantly busy to the point I couldn't control it all.

I finally had to unplug it and reboot. Things work better now.


It seems every time I replace batteries in this one MS I have to start over with it. It does the rapid LED flash thing when the batteries get weak. How to drive a weak battery into the ground faster. :(



If another PC can access it look for  program flashing in a tight loop that is tying up comm channels to your PC and the ISY CPU. Right click and select stop.

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