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Ability to "re-query" a Zwave device without exclude/include?


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I have a CT100 thermostat that was added to my ISY before I had a C wire connection (i.e. purely on battery).  When the thermostat has a C wire, it will act as a ZWave repeater, but not when on battery power.


What I've been told is that if you add the device while battery powered and later add a C wire, you need to have the controller pick up that change.  For some controllers, there apparently is a way to 'rescan' the device (presumably to pickup new abilities/attributes/etc).  For other controllers, you have to explicitly exclude the thermostat and then re-include it to have the repeater abilities function.


I already have a number of programs that reference my CT100 thermostat in the ISY.  If I exclude and re-include the device, I'm guessing I'll get a new ZWave ID and will have to manually patch up all my programs (or worse, when excluded, the device references will be deleted from the program -- not sure how the ISY will handle it).


Hoping to avoid this, is there a way 

1) To have the ISY re-scan the abilities of a ZWave device?

2) If not, a way to exclude and re-include and keep the same ZWave ID?

3) Finally, is there a way to confirm the ISY sees a device as being a repeater?


I can see the ability to "rescan" the abilities of the device as being useful both in this case and in cases where firmware updates to existing devices may add new abilities to said devices.






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Is there a way in the ISY to tell if a device is functioning as a repeater?  I tried the synchronize nodes and that might have worked, but I can't tell unless I can see if the CT100 is now "advertising" (not sure the terminology) itself as repeater/





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