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Cannot add node. Too many nodes?


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Trying to add a Kwikset 900 series. (I forget which is which...this one has a handle)

It sees it and tries to load, but then the popup goes away and the device is never added.

I exit the admin console and start up again and get this.  Pic attached.


What am I doing wrong?

Do I need to have the PLM connected?  I don't because I had the lock installed already so I moved the ISY to get close to it for exclusion and inclusion. 

I only have two powered thermostats and two plug in switch/energy monitors.  So I doubt 4 things are too many.


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Well to answer my own question it looks like you do need the PLM plugged in.

I brought it with and plugged it in as well and then tried a couple more times.  First time it didn't work going through the exclude and include and then I tried again after that and it popped in.

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Hi danbutter,


That explains it: your system depends on the PLM. You would need the one that ends with _OADR if you don't want your system to depend on the PLM (not go to safe mode).


With kind regards,


 Ok, I think I follow now. My understanding with this was that if I did that then I couldn't control insteon devices. Is this true?

I only moved the ISY to get closer to a zwave door lock that was installed prior to me having the ISY and didn't think it would need the PLM with just to add a Zwave device.

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Also, the ISY is a type of zwave device identified as a 'fixed controller'. The 'fixed' part is important - its part of how routing is generated when devices are added.


It's far better to move the device to the ISY rather than move the ISY to the device, if moving is needed at all.


Hopefully, a complete SUC/SIS implementation is on the future roadmap for ISY zwave, so we can use portable inclusion controllers (and make this issue go away!)

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