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GET issue


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I've upgraded a number of things on my Windows 10 system including passwords, Java, and ISY to 4.3.26.

My Tasker Actions have started failing and I cannot determine why.  They seem to hang altogether without returning a completion code.


I was using Restask and I've also tried a straight HTTP GET from Tasker.  It looks to me like Java is hosed but I can't tell why.  I've rebooted my desktop where the ISY instance lives and my phone as well.  Any ideas or suggestions on how to further troubleshoot?  Warning:  I am somewhat knowledgeable but by no means a programmer, keep that in mind please.



Thanks much!


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Got the error log, but it doesn't state much.  As you can see, I get updates from a different source ( that sets state variables.    However, Tasker (running on just hangs.   I don't even see any log entries from it.  I'm wondering of Tasker isn't even seeing the GET command.


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