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ISY Tablet or Phone UI


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I would like an interface to my ISY994i/IR Pro from my Android tablet and/or phone.  


With my X10 system I was able to use the X-10-RT504 remote to control absolutely any device just by dialing the House Code and pressing the appropriate Unit code button.  


With Insteon and ISY everything has to be preprogrammed and assigned to a controller - there is no general purpose access except the ISY computer program.  If there were a tablet/phone version of the ISY program it would provide this general purpose access to all my devices.  


Local Wi-Fi access is adequate.  I don't need to get into remote Internet access and additional no-IP DNS handling, etc.  


Anyone doing something like this?



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Mobilinc - a bit pricey for occasional usage, but would suffice, I'm trying the Lite 30-day version.  


ISY Ajax - can't find much info about it.  Something about it being replaced by UDAjax ... where is it, how do you use it?  


iRule and Roomie are favorites but appear to be more UI builders than simply pre-built remotes. 

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