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I Couldn't Find Any Connected Home Devices


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Echo stopped working for me last evening and I gave it up to the scheduled maintenance but this morning I've found the same problem.  When I logged into my Amazon Alexa account all discovered devices were grayed out and several attempts to discover devices resulted in the dreaded "I couldn't find any connected home devices."  I'm wondering who else is experiencing the problem.


Edit: Also... Sorry, I'm having trouble accessing your ISY Skill right now




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Hello all,


I am so very sorry for the inconvenience. We moved the servers closer to Amazon Echo servers for improved performance and unfortunately their server didn't update its DNS till early this morning. Please do Discover again.


Also, please note that you should see at least 50% performance improvement from Echo to ISY. I would love to hear more about your experiences.


Again, sincere apologies.


With kind regards,


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If I would have slept in, I probably wouldn't have noticed :)  No problem, thanks for the update and support.  Performance does seem to be "better", however I really didn't have a latency or performance issue prior,. Possibly incremental speed increase on my side.  Again, no news (issues) is good news.


thanks again.

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Did all of this possibly affect the ISY Mobilinc portal as well?  My PUSH notifications have stopped working completely and Mobilinc support is nowhere to be found. 


I have full two way communication but have ZERO push notifications as of 10AM PST Feb 11th.


This sounds as though you're asking about Mobilinc Connect and not the ISY Portal and possibly you're using iPhone?  If so there is a Mobilinc Forum where you might access Wes directly.




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