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ISY Trying to write to RF Devices all the time


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I have several RF devices on my network, like door switches, remotes, etc, all devices that can't accept input without being put into programming mode. These devices show up as grey icons in my ISY. They all work totally fine.


The issue is that every time I make a change in my ISY to any devices, or add a new device, the ISY tries to make writes to every device that's like this, and it takes a couple minutes to go through the entire list. Even when I've put these devices into programming mode and let it make any writes to the device, it goes back into this weird mode where it tries to make writes every time.


Is this normal, or do I have a configuration issue?

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Even when I've done that, the ISY still transitions each device to this grey icon and tries to do writes to each one every time. The issue isn't that I need to put the RF devices into programming mode, the issue is that the ISY is trying to write to all my RF devices all the time, even when there are no changes being made to those devices specifically.

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Are you seeing the 1010 symbols next to devices, is that the symptom?


If yes, and if you have scenes and your wireless devices are sensors, this is likely expected behavior.  Scenes actually exist in related devices like controllers (sensors) and responders (switches), and those devices have to be touched when a related device changes.


If you have the Pro model ISY, you can click an icon to defer wireless updates till you can do them one at a time



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